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Peugeot 204 Convertible  

Power: 53
hp - Max speed: 138 km/h
400m DA in 21 seconds 
0 to 100 km/h in 17.4 seconds 
2 seats
High season rates:  
* Day (150kms) = 320€ 
Weekend  (300kms) = 550€
* Week 7 days (900kms) = 1680€

Low season rates:  
* Day (150kms) = 260€ 
Weekend (300kms) = 450€
* Week 7 days (900kms) = 1344€

Other duration contact us
Deposit: 1500€
1€ per extra km

5 years license - Minimum age 25 years
Deductible 1500€

Compulsory Personal Auto Insurance Information Statement

Since the end of the war, the Peugeot 203 , 403 and 404 have followed one another. But each time they have more or less replaced the previous one while remaining very conservative in their approach to the automobile.
Cars that confine Peugeot to an image of a car for the provincial bourgeois.
From 1963, the press published the first drawings of the car, which was then the D12 project.
In December 1964, these are the first photos that appear of the one that will take the name of Peugeot 204 ...!
On Friday April 23, 1965, the Peugeot 204 was presented in Paris at the Palais des Sports.
With this new car Peugeot is not innovating, others have already adopted these technical solutions, but this is the first time that they have been implemented on brand cars.

The engine, placed  transversely, is brand new. In light alloy, cubant 1130 cm³, it produces 53 hp and propels the car
at 138 km/h! He classifies the car among the 6cv, and last innovation, it is the first Peugeot to be offered with disc brakes at the front.
The range experienced major innovations in September 1966. Coupes and convertibles arrived, with a reduced wheelbase of 29 cm. They also benefit from a lowered suspension and a third counter on the dashboard. If the engine remains the same, they are faster, without being really sporty.
In April 1970, the 204 coupé and cabriolet were discontinued to make way for the same cars, with different lights,
the 304 coupe and convertible.

High season May to October
Low season November to April
Rental cars are supplied with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with a full tank. If you wish, we can refuel when the car is returned and you will then be charged.
ATIPIK TRIP, Sports car rental in Andernos les Bains

Rent a 204 CABRIOLET in the Bassin d'Arcachon to visit this magnificent region and its surroundings, the castles and vineyards of Bordeaux and Médoc at your own pace. Rent a 204 Cabriolet to discover Cap-Ferret and its peninsula, Canon, l'Herbe, Piquey, Claouey, Lège, Arès,  Andernos les Bains , Lanton, Audenge, Biganos, La Teste, Gujan Mestras, Arcachon and the Dune du Pyla. Without forgetting the ocean beaches of Le Porge and Lacanau.
Car rental for your wedding on the 
Bassin d'Arcachon, Andernos les Bains, Cap-ferret and Bordeaux
Atipik Trip offers classic car rental, vintage car rental and luxury and prestige car rental.

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